In accordance with our association's founding constitution, the Purpose of the Night Stalker Association is to:

  • render assistance to Night Stalkers, worthy members, their widows and orphans by means of loans and/or gifts, camaraderie and personal assistance.
  • connect members and their families to scholarship opportunities that are uniquely available to Night Stalkers.
  • provide for the gathering and dissemination of information concerning the organization and its members.
  • provide for the patriotic assembly of its members in local and national reunions.
  • provide annual awards that recognize outstanding accomplishments within the 160th SOAR (A), family groups, and corporate sponsors.
  • commemorate in an appropriate manner, the memory of all Night Stalkers who have given their lives in the defense of freedom.
  • perpetuate the “NIGHT STALKERS DON'T QUIT” spirit and tradition for future generations.