How does NSA membership affect you?

  • Brotherhood and camaraderie -- common service and shared experiences in this phenomenal unit - the 160th; through the NSA we have the opportunity to join and care for our brothers and their families.
  • Reunions for Night Stalker Members, Honorary, Associate, and Corporate Members:
    • Picnics
    • Formal ticket offsets
    • Morale events
    • Key events and sponsorships to make it possible (Bass Tournament, Golf outings, collective events)
  • Assistance to Night Stalkers where situation falls into a gap where established programs like AER are unable to assist
  • Help for families when the unexpected - but always possible - happens. Bridging the gap where 160th and DoD legal ability and resourcing ends and benevolent non federal entity help begins.
  • Night Stalker Members Qualify for Scholarship (members and dependents)
  • Care of the Night Stalker Memorial and recognition of fallen Night Stalkers
  • Further the ideals and honor of the 160th SOAR(A)


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