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Wall History

The Night Stalker Memorial Wall came into being about the time of the establishment of Night Stalker Association.  BG(R) John Dailey, CSM (R) Zeandrew Farrow and Chaplain Steve Zinser along with 1SG (R) Ernie Salyer were the driving force behind the forming of the Association and the acquisition and installation of the Night Stalker Memorial.  Originally, the memorial was located at the "Bunker" in the Old Clarksville Base, Ft Campbell, KY.  The official dedication occurred in January 1990, after the invasion of Panama.   The shape of the Night Stalker Monument is taken from the silhouette of the bunker, which was the original Headquarters of Task Force 160.  The memorial wall was relocated to its current position in front of the 160th SOAR(A) Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) in the summer of 1994  In 2006 it was expanded through the addition of a large granite stone base under the three original vertical faces.  The names of Night Stalkers who have died in training or combat operations, while assigned to the 160th, are etched in the memorial granite.