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Chapters of the Night Stalker Association

The Night Stalker Association is Headquarted in Oak Grove Kentucky, near the Gen B. Doug Brown Compound, established as the National Organization and with National and Fort Campbell local membership.  The growth and dispersion of Night Stalker Battalions and the ever increasing pool of Alumni drove an organizaional change in 2009.  With that came the establishment of chapters in Tampa and Hunstville, as well as dislocated battalions represented through Unit Trustees.  Since then, Chapters have been established at Savannah, Joint Base Lewis McChord, and Fort Bragg.  In addition to the five geographic chapters, the National Headquarters is represented at Ft Eustis through Liaison by Mr. Jack Dotterer.  

Please see the Chpater links for more information on serving elected volunteers, or see the constitution and bylaws for information on membership and establishment of chapters.