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2020 Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School Scholarship Program



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2020 Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School Scholarship Program

Phillips Exeter Academy was founded in 1919 and has attained the reputation as one of the nation’s finest college preparatory schools. It has the largest secondary school library in the world. Every summer, Exeter welcomes students from around our country and dozens of nations worldwide to participate in their five-week summer program. This program is in high demand because of the unique opportunities it offers to high school rising sophomores and juniors.

In 2012 the SPECIAL OPERATIONS FUND negotiated ten slots in this program exclusively for children service members of our Special Mission Units. In 2018 we were able to increase it to 13 slots. The SPECIAL OPERATIONS FUND pays all tuition ($8,900) and a transportation stipend for the successful applicants. Our students also receive the optional SAT and SSAT prep course which is normally $995, plus a stipend of $400 Lion Card (in-house expenses). Because of the Harkness teaching method, courses offered and opportunity to interact with students from around the globe, our students have found this to be a life changing experience. The quotations below are typical of what we receive from our students on completion of the course.

“Exeter opened up a different world for me, and I would love to go to an Ivy League School now.” “My life has changed so much because of this opportunity.” “It’s so rewarding to be able to meet so many people from other countries and cultures and the learning process was fantastic.” “The Harkness system is truly the best teaching method. Also, I met so many new people from different corners of the planet like France, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, and China. This experience is life changing!” “The Exeter summer program was a wonderful gift from the SOFund and I am forever grateful. A chance to meet new people, both from the SOF families and from around the word. The culture appreciation that I gained and the shared love of learning that I found will help guide as I continue high school and college.”

If you or your parents are interested in you taking advantage of this phenomenal opportunity, please contact The Night Stalker Foundation at or download the application below.

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