Global SOF Foundation

COL (Ret) Stuart Bradin, the President and CEO of Global SOF Foundation contacted the NSA and asked for our assistance.

The Global SOF Foundation and The Honor Foundation are working to educate Congress on the issues that SOF personnel are facing as they transition from Active Duty, whether through retirement or some other form of separation.

They have put together the "SOF for Life Surey". This survey is for any Special Operator or SOF Support who has transitioned from Active Duty, it takes about 10 minutes to complete and includes questions about medical, finances, family life, stressors and career preparation.

This Survey has been out for over a year, and the intitial results show that our Special Operations Forces are not well-prepared for their lives after Active Duty. The results show that SOF operators do not feel that they have received adequate support in preparation for their post-military careers. The root of many of the problems, from a lack of understanding of military benefits to an inability to create a civialn-friendly resume, is a lack of information and training.

The Global SOF Foundation and the Honor Foundation want to help change that by educating Congress on these issues to help better resource SOF.

In order to have a greater level of detail to inform Congress, they are asking NSA Members to take the time to fill out theis SOF for Life Survey. The link to the survey is sof-life-transition-survey