NSA 2nd Annual 2 Gun Challenge




Please reference the RULES PDF: http://www.rock3gun.com/#!rules/c4xp (Look at this as a REFERENCE/SAMPLE/EXAMPLE of what to expect the day of the match). This pdf will provide an example of the rules used, with some modificatin, for our event. There will be changes....example: we will not use a shotgun and we will add a Division.

We don't want people to feel overwhelmed by the event, as the intentions are to HAVE FUN!!! We will HAVE FUN, but everyone attending also needs to be prepared to work/support the stages and shooters throughout the match. Knowing when to reset targets, how to reset targets, being prepared to shoot when name is called, etc...)

Divisions will be:

Open: No restrictions on accessories. There will be NO FULL AUTO.....(NO LASER GUNS, NO SHARKS WITH LASERS, NO FULL AUTO SHARKS WITH LASER GUNS!!!)

Tac Optics: Rifle may have only one optical sight (No magnifier) and iron sights.

Tac Irons:: Rifle may have a non-magnified optic (Aimpoint, EO-Tech, Trijicon MRO, etc...) and iron sights.

We will recognize the top overall shooter in each division, as well as the top MILITARY shooter in each division. One person could win both awards!!!

***Additional information on the sport of competition shooting may be found at

Location: Rockcastle Shooting Center
22850 Louisville Road
Park City , KY 42160

Date: Aug. 27, 2016, 7 a.m. - Aug. 27, 2016, 7 p.m.