2 Gun Shoot


Shooters, join your friends and NSA family in the 1st annual Night Stalker Association, 2 Gun Pro-Am. The event will be held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY on Saturday, 29 August.   Come on out for a fun filled day on the range! Shoot six combined rifle/pistol courses of fire. Stage design will be challenging but fun, and will have a Night Stalker/military theme associated with each.

Random draw prize table!!! Novice shooters, you may finish dead last, but could walk away with a great prize. Top finisher in each division walks away with a plaque/trophy and an item from the prize table.

Prize table items provided by: Glock, Camelbak, Wiley-X, Magpul, Ranger Up, and many more...."

See below for more match information:

TICKETS/REGISTRATION - 72 Slots for sale (Locked due to ammo count) - Cost is $80.00 per ticket - Privately Owned Weapons strongly encouraged. Range Weapons available. - Ammo provided (.223 and 9mm ONLY). - No Age Limit, ROs will determine proficiency for safety. - Meals not provided for the day, Lodge restaurant is available on-site. -Evening entertainment: Live band to play after awards have been presented.

HOTEL - Cost is $49.00 per night

- Campers welcome


Saturday, August 29, 2015- ESTIMATED TIMELINE OF EVENTS

 0630-0700: Check-in table set-up / Prepared to issue ammo  

0700-0800: Shooters check-in / Confirm divisions & payments / Issue ammo / Raffle tickets available  

0800-0830: Opening Announcements / New Shooters Brief  

0830-0845: First rounds down range  (Lunch) Times built into the squad breakdown  

1600-1630: Range cold  

1630-1800: Scores compiled / Match Shooters opportunity to play w/Demo weapons  

1800-1900: Plaques awarded  

1900-UTC: Band / NSA Social


1: Personal equipment needed for the match will include: Eye pro, ear pro, rifle sling, pistol belt, pistol holster, rifle magazines, pistol magazines (There will be 5-6 additional sets of equipment, (1-2) per team, available in the event a participant does not have ALL the required equipment. Example: a rifle, but no pistol)

2: Rounds count: Each shooter will receive 135 rounds of .223 and 135 rounds of 9mm for use in the match. If you choose to bring your own ammo for use, and/or a different caliber, that is fine. However, you will still receive the 135/135 to take home with you. (Resale of unused ammo is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED and will not be tolerated while on-site at this event).  HPR Ammunition is donating all of the ammo needed for this event, and then some. They will also be running a side match competition in which they have also provided the ammunition for. (300blk out vs old-school Thompson).

3: Course of fire: There will be no stage diagram published prior to the match. A stage description will be included in the match book as well as read at the start of each stage. For those of you that participate in this sport on a regular basis, I understand this might be different than what you've experienced in the past. With that, consider the mission of the people the NSA supports and their not knowing exactly what lies before them when they execute a mission. For that reason, the stage diagrams will not be included and you should expect a military theme to be added to each stage.

4: Scoring for this event will be the Horner system of scoring. We will record all scored information on a tablet style device and scores will be calculated using Practiscore. The scoring system was selected due to the reward and punishment aspect of accuracy over total time.  

5: This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Initially, we had a small window for only members of the 160th to register. IF you have a civilian friend or someone in a nearby unit that would like to participate, please let them know about the match as soon as possible. Again, it will be limited to 66 shooters due to ammunition provided, stage times, and shooters. As of 0830 this morning we had 42 shooters signed up.

6: There will be 35-55 additional shooters on site for the shooting clubs monthly pistol match. Registration for the monthly pistol match is usually conducted inside the lodge, in the lobby. For this reason, the NSA will have a tent set up in the parking lot next to the lodge for our match check-in. I want to eliminate any possible confusion that might occur early in the morning before everyone's coffee has totally kicked in!!!

Location: Rockcastle Shooting Center
22850 Louisville Road
Park City , KY 42160

Date: Aug. 29, 2015, 9 a.m. - Aug. 29, 2015, 7 p.m.