In recognition and appreciation for his vision and guidance since 1992, the Special Operations Fund (SOFund) has established a $20,000 post-graduate David C. Miller, Jr. Fellowship to support study or individually designed project activity overseas for particularly gifted students interested in pursuing careers in national service.  Any successful graduate from college or graduate school whose parent has served or is serving honorably in one of the units the SOFund assists is eligible to apply up to three years after graduation.  Details of the program, guidelines and application are attached for use in decimating to eligible graduates. 

The purpose of the program is to allow a young man or woman, with an outstanding college record, to pursue an international program of formal study or a project of his or her design.  The object of the Fellowship is to provide a unique learning experience which will allow the recipient to live in and come to understand another culture while advancing their foreign language skills.  The applicants will be judged not only on their academic record and recommendations, but on the quality of their proposal and how it will help them learn and support their goals of service to our country.

The challenge is finding the students who graduated in the last three years and who might be interested in this international fellowship.  While the SOFund has recent contact information for its children of the fallen graduates, we do not have the data necessary to track scholarship awardees who benefited in the past from matching SOFund grants.  We recognize this is an additional undertaking for the local scholarship funds but hope you will take advantage of this opportunity for the children.  Please call me if you have any questions and thank you, Susan.


Download Guidelines and Application Below:


Application:   Miller_fellowship_application


Guidelines:   Miller_fellowship_guidelines